Our Services

Our goal as a service-based company is to work within your budget to do our best to attain your dream landscape while ensuring that we address the landscape needs you have.

Based on the type of service needed and the special circumstances that each yard can have, we are available for:

Onetime events and projects: like a yearly pruning of fruit trees, a small project to update a landscape bed, mulching of the landscape beds, and other one-time services.

Seasonal: like Spring and Fall lawn renovations, spring and fall cleanups.

Quarterly visits: For the landscapes that only need a quarterly touch up, or where the homeowner handles the routine maintenance but wants educated professionals to help with the more difficult tasks, or tasks that get overwhelming.

Monthly visits: for landscapes that need more frequent care than a quarterly schedule would allow and the need to keep weeds from gaining ground is appreciated.

Bi-weekly: Our most popular frequency for landscapes where we are also maintaining a lawn that isn’t irrigated through the summer months.

Weekly: Frequently chosen by clients who want to keep their landscapes looking their best at all times, these landscapes often have irrigated lawns that need weekly care.

Landscape Design and Service in Western WA

Lawn Care

Begins with understanding what our grass in the PNW needs, our teams are well versed on the types of turf and it’s potential weeds in our area.

Our full service includes: Mowing of the lawn with a lawn mower that is routinely cleaned out so that we’re not bringing in weed seeds into your yard, a blade sharpened once a week to ensure we are cutting the grass, not just ripping it and creating disease vectors, String Trimming of the edge of the lawn, this is done to prevent those tufts of grass from sticking up in those areas that a lawn mower can’t quite reach, this also allows our team to pay special attention to your landscape so that a big lawn mower isn’t getting to close to delicate landscape items. Edging of the lawn, we edge our lawns at least every other visit to keep crisp clean lines between the lawn and hardscapes and landscape beds, this also helps prevent the lawn from continuing to expand into the garden beds.

Finally, our teams will blow down the hardscapes to ensure we leave your property looking better than we found it. Each of our teams is equipped with an electric blower to help reduce the amount of noise we’re generating and to decrease the amount of fumes we’re producing; one more tool in our arsenal to Cultivating Joy.

Lush green lawn with exotic landscaping.


Our team is especially well equipped to assist in all aspects of pruning, Brandon and Dane are very proud of the immense amount of training they have each gone through in pruning including special classes at Kubota gardens and through Plant Amnesties Master Pruning Courses to ensure that both the ‘Art and Science’ of pruning is at the highest quality for all of our clients.

We love Fine Pruning of Ornamental Shrubs and Trees, whether it’s a one time visit to help homeowners ‘catch up’ or ongoing assistance for those rare and significant plants that you don’t want ‘any ol landscaper’ to shear into an odd shaped flying saucer.

We can also help with the proper pruning of hedges large and small, where our team makes sure that our hedgeshears are sharp and our eye for detail is ready. We also do hedge re-shaping for those hedges that ‘got away from us’ where we can reset the height and width of the hedge for easier care in the future.

Large Ornamental Tree Pruning: We pick up where landscapers leave off and where Tree Care companies opt out of, we love pruning large ornamental trees up to 30 feet tall (about 2, 1 story homes high, or about the peak of a 2 story home) these are not trees to be sheared into Disney style lollipops nor ‘pruned’ using oversized chainsaws, we pride ourselves on using the best pruning equipment we can find in order to enhance the health and beauty of every plant we’re graced to prune.

Small Tree Removal: Our team is fully capable of small tree removals of trees 30 feet and below and are often able to remove the stumps on trees 8 inches and smaller in diameter by taking the time and using the right tools to remove the stump.

Fruit Tree Pruning: Brandon Loves Fruit Trees! Most fruit tree pruning is done in the winter once the fruit trees are dormant, Brandon has extensive experience pruning fruit trees and trains his team members based on his experience and class work on the best practices for fruit trees, from Plums, Cherries, Pears, Asian Pears, Figs, Apples, Crab Apples, Persimmons, Kiwis and more you can trust that your fruit trees are in good care.

Specialty Pruning: Espalier, Coppicing, Pleaching and much more! If you have a special plant that needs very specific and particular pruning including espaliered trees, plants that need to be coppiced in order to produce their best and brightest, a tunnel made from your birch trees (we’ve done it!) or perhaps our favorite, Japanese Pine Pruning our team would be overjoyed to assist in your specialty pruning needs!

The Plant Nerds trimming a large backyard tree.
Ladder and well-kept trees

Bed Care

Tired of weeding? Want a team who will be able to tell the difference between your perennials and the myriad weeds Washington hosts? Look no further! Our team has extensive training on Plant ID and weed science so that we are using the best methods to help win the War with weeds.

Our team is also trained in the proper care of perennial plants, so whether you need Pruning, Dividing, Training, Fertilizing, IPM, or you’d like to transplant your plants we have a team ready to come help with all of your landscape bed needs.

Flowerbed and landscaping care
Beautiful landscape design that is both functional, and easy to maintain.

Landscape Design

We have an in-house landscape designer who can help implement your landscape dreams.

We pride ourselves on designing to your budget while using the knowledge we have of landscapes to ensure that your design is not only gorgeous, but also functional and easy to maintain.

Irrigation systems for keeping your landscapes watered.


Our team includes irrigation experts who can help in the design and installation of new irrigation systems, as well as renovating and improving old or broken systems, and switching over to drip irrigation for mature planting beds.

We also help with spring start-ups to make sure everything is running as it should and proper coverage is being attained, as well as winterization in the fall to make sure your irrigation system is protected for the winter.

Lush green lawn, service truck.

Lawn Renovation

Struggling to keep a lawn you can enjoy? Whether your style is more of the ‘Golf Green’ aesthetic or you simply want a lawn that is ‘Green and Soft and doesn’t die every summer’ we have a host of options to attain that goal.

We offer services like Aeration, Dethatching, Overseeding, Topdressing, Fertilizing, Liming, Weed Control, Moss Control, Drainage issue resolution and Turf Consulting in order to provide you a complete picture of how to get your lawn from where it is, to where you want it to be.

Well-maintained park landscape


We also provide Installation using the best wholesale suppliers for all of your installation needs, we work fantastically with other landscape designers because ‘we get it’ as we’ve been told from several of the areas best.

We give accurate estimates with little to no change orders, we keep our jobsites clean, our crews are polite and caring. From one small plant to entire yard installs and everything in between.

Using mulch in a beautiful landscape


Landscapes love mulch! Not only do they provide the ‘negative space’ that helps set a yard apart from a design perspective, but mulch provides so many benefits to the landscape.

From helping to suppress weeds, regulating soil temperatures to provide less temperature shocks to plants, helping to retain moisture to help reduce watering needs, to the slow release of nutrients that plants need to look their best.

We have access to many top suppliers who we are constantly vetting to make sure we are using the best mulch we possibly can to ensure your mulch isn’t full of weed seeds when we apply it.

We also love installing Arborist Chips which are what Brandon likes to call ‘The silver bullet of landscaping’ due to their superior ability to suppress weeds, build soil health, decompact soils, retain moisture, and their low relative cost to the alternatives.