Here are some photos of projects we’ve done, from special plants and yard maintenance, to before and after photos of projects, to ‘Glamour’ shots that are team sends into the office of a job well done, you can find it here in our Gallery. Of course, there will be some Plant Nerd photos in here where one of the team is geeking out about a plant and one of its special characteristics, we can’t help it!

Greencare for Troops

The Plant Nerds is a proud supporter of Green Care for the troops. A non-profit organization we’ve teamed up with that provides support to active duty troops who may not be able to afford to maintain their landscape while they are on active duty.

Our company is deeply grateful to the brave men and women who sacrifice to protect our nation, this is one small way our company can honor those who help give us the opportunity to do the things we love.

Everett Landscaping 1 (1)

A beautiful Pacific Fire vine maple on a landscape refresh we did in tandem with Firecracker Design Studio, this project was an intimate backyard setting that had become overgrown and tired.

Naomi of Firecracker Design Studio designed a refresh of the space with gorgeous textures and colors in the plants and our team implemented her gorgeous design.

What fun working with some of the region’s best Landscape Designers!

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 (3)

Talk about a ‘Glow Up’ this picture was taken by Chris Grindall one of our first employees, thank you Chris for all the hard work and camaraderie over the years!

Talk about crisp lines in that lawn, we love making our clients yards look picturesque.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 6

A lively meadow garden from one of our clients in Clyde Hill. This is a dry meadow where the soil had been heavily amended with sand and grit so that it has really sharp drainage.

This picture was taken in the fall where one of Brandon’s favorite specimen trees has started to get it’s fall color.

This tree is a Euonymous, like the large round Red Burning Bushes many of us enjoy each fall. This one happens to be a tree form and had the most vibrant show stopping pink/red combo each fall.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 12

While she may not look like much from this photo our team is proud to provide tree planting services.

In this case a Blue Spruce failed in one of our winter storms and was taken down by The Plant Nerd team.

Several weeks later the client picked this SourWood tree from the options provided.

This tree is actually 15 feet tall when planted in this picture and well mulched in arborist chips from the spruce removal.

The client wanted a tree that would get 30-40 feet tall, provide spectacular fall color and we can’t wait to get an updated photo of that happening in the next few years!

Everett Landscaping 1

This is a photo of a ‘’nearly” complete backyard addition we did in Magnolia, Seattle in 2020. Dane Bailey designed this live edge Juniper Timber retaining wall and staircase as well as a simplification of the yard.

Previous to our update of the space the yard was full of plants and flagstone pathways, but this young family needed space to play.

The Plant Nerds to the rescue! We simplified this space, used a sustainable, super rot resistant wood (seriously Juniper is 100x more rot resistant than Western Red Cedar, and is harvested from California and Oregon due to it being invasive there, talk about 2 birds one timber!) to create a backyard that this family can play in.

We also seeded this lawn with a special blend from PT Lawnseed, our preferred seed provider because we can specify unique blends that aren’t Grass only.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 4

One of the ‘Japanese’ style gardens we maintain in Woodinville. The fall color on the maples in this yard are second to none.

We love the style and color of the wooden fence on this property as it provides a stark contrast to the fall colors every year.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 7

Another one of Brandon’s favorite trees (he may use a million caveats in order to have more ‘favorites’) This is a Korean Fir ‘Horstmann’s Silberlocke’ it has a nice blue/silver color to it’s foliage, is very architectural in nature because it is a true fir.

The real show stopping piece is the cones though, held upright each year cones can come in a variety of colors from vibrant pink, to deep purple to jet black, this tree adorns itself!

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 15

Our team hard at work pruning a large Japanese Maple, this maple was about 35 feet tall.

Brandon was climbing the tree for the interior and tip pruning; Dane and Francisco worked the outside of the tree with our pole pruning tools and our orchard ladders.

The original concern for this tree was the snow damage that had occurred the winter before that needed correction, and structural pruning to reduce the likelihood of failure in a future heavy wet snow.

Everett Landscaping 1 - Rock Wall

Bring on the history! This is one of the very first retaining walls The Plant Nerds installed, at the time we were still going by our first company name Cook Brothers LLC. Brandon and Dane won’t be quick to forget this retaining wall in Bothell.

While the finished product looks great due to the attention to detail paid, the access to this jobsite was horrific! There was a very steep slope to access this backyard that Dane and Brandon hauled the approximately #15,000 pounds of material to build this wall. A half-wheelbarrow at a time due to how steep the slope was.

Since then we’ve invested in additional equipment to help with those hard to reach places and projects. This project also later had a planting behind the wall of drought resistant, heat loving plants for the sharp drainage this very sandy soil creates.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 5

Here is one of the other brilliant maples on this gorgeous Woodinville property. This maple is visible directly from the kitchen and main dining area of the home and needed rehabilitation pruning due to poor care from previous landscapers.

Sometimes the hardest part of pruning is envisioning what could be 3-5 years down the road, but with the tones of experience and training our team stands out in this respect.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 1 8

This variegated small leaved evergreen was pruned by Brandon in the Montlake area of Seattle. Brandon was called in to do fine pruning of some rare and large specimens at this property.

The designer believed it to be a form of Eucryphia, our area is so unique in how we are able to bring in plants from so many different places around the world and see them flourish in our unique ecosystem.

Landscaping Marysville Landscaping 29

An ‘after’ photo of a small landscape update our team completed in Everett, Washington. This front garden was overgrown Rhododendrons (yeah, it happens a lot around here) and the client wanted a low yard maintenance, simple, yet colorful new planting.

We chose a Red Dragon weeping Japanese maple, a golden carex (the grass like plant) that will spread nicely and rarely needs any help, Epimedium rubrum which is a red tinged low perennial that blooms in the spring and will also spread to help cover the space. We also updated the landscape lighting on this project to a dark brass fixture to highlight the pathway into the home.

We love these one-day projects, it’s so much fun to see the client off in the morning and see the look of Joy on their face when they return home from work to a landscape update that looks better than they hoped for!