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We Proudly Serve the Following Locations:

Everett, Mukilteo, Snohomish, Edmonds, Woodway, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Woodinville, Arlington, Stanwood, Lake Goodwin, Maltby.

If you don’t see your location listed, please reach out and we will let you know if you are in our service area, if you are not, we will give you a referral to a quality company in your area.

Call Us: 425-595-3451

Wildflowers Blooming in Bright Landscape. The Plant Nerds are dedicated to "Cultivating Joy!"


Why should I choose The Plant Nerds for my landscape needs?

If your looking for a company who prides themselves on their responsive customer care, uses the most up to date techniques and methods for the best care of your landscape and plants, has the knowledge and expertise to accomplish the scope of work you want and you’d like to work with a team who holds integrity and quality as their primary focus. We think The Plant Nerds would be a perfect fit for you!


How do I get started?

Fill out our contact form or give us a call and we will respond to you promptly, typically within 48 business hours to get any necessary follow up information and to schedule an onsite estimate.


Do you give Free Estimates?

Yes! Our team provides estimates free of charge that typically include a site visit to meet you and your property so that we understand the unique needs each individual property needs. If you’d like a ‘ballpark’ estimate we can often provide those over the phone or in an email with some additional information to improve the accuracy of the ‘Ballpark’ amount. We do charge for our Garden Consultations, Tree Consultations and our Landscape Designing.


How quickly can I expect the estimate/ work to be scheduled?

For nearly all of our quotes we are able to get those out within 1 week of the estimate. Large design/installation projects may take longer to quote when we need to get quotes from subcontractors or suppliers; we do our best to give accurate time frames for these expectations.

Our work flow varies through-out the year; we are often able to give a reasonable estimate on time to start at our in person estimate. For maintenance needs we are often able to start within 2 weeks of meeting for our estimate. For larger projects we are usually at least 2 weeks out and in peak season we may be booked out beyond 6 weeks.


I need someone to check on my trees and see if they’re ‘safe and healthy.’ Do you do that?

Yes! We love helping people who need an expert to look at their trees and let them know the risk profiles and ways to improve their health. We offer a 1 Hour onsite verbal consultation where one of our Certified Arborists will walk your property and look at as many trees as you’d like within that window of time. This has been a customer favorite for those who want to get a ‘check-up’ on the health of their property’s trees and for those with several trees to be looked at. This includes a very simple write up of any action items from the walkthrough for trees that are recommended to have further inspection or care.


Does your company do tree removals?

It depends, for trees 30 feet tall and smaller our company is able to do tree removals. For trees larger than 30 feet we typically will give referrals to Tree Care Companies who we have worked with extensively so that our clients are getting quality tree care from reputable companies.


How does your company compare to others on price?

Our goal as a company is not to be the cheapest available landscaper, we believe the market is saturated with ‘low cost’ options who end up costing their clients unseen thousands of dollars. As plants and the environment are living organisms their health is either improving or is in decline, we believe based on using scientifically based Best Management Practices that the work we are doing is consistently improving the health and quality of your landscape. So, while our company may not be the cheapest price, we do believe we provide the most value by the methods we use and options we give. Not to mention we pride ourselves on our customer service, we will return your calls and emails and won’t ‘ghost’ you as we’ve heard of so many other options do. We are also very flexible in the different options we can propose to still operate within your budget while providing our top-quality service.


Do you use chemicals?

It all depends on the situation. Our team chooses to use organic practices as often as we can, but there are scenarios where synthetic herbicides are the correct choice either due to ecological injury or feasibility of labor. You won’t find our teams spraying Round-up as our go to choice for weeds, we handle most weed tasks manually using the best tools for the job. Situations where we would use synthetic herbicides; in controlling invasive species, Brandon likes to say ‘we reserve the nuclear option for invasive species control’ we have also used synthetic herbicides for pest control when organic options weren’t viable for the situation. If you have any concerns please let us know, we have many clients where we have not and will not use herbicides or pesticides on their property. Don’t forget to ask your competing provider if they are Licensed Pesticide Applicators, this is necessary for any application of pesticides or herbicides.


How do I pay my invoice?

Our company bills our maintenance clients the first business week of the month, some of our customers prefer to mail in a check and many of our customers keep a credit card on file to be auto-billed in our secure CRM software that meets or exceeds all credit card protection requirements. For our project work we do our best to bill small projects each week and for ongoing large projects billing terms are included in our contract.


What do you offer in your ‘maintenance package?’

Our maintenance offerings are a la carte, we can custom build a package that fits your budget, your properties needs and your future goals for your landscape. With packages that start with weeding of the landscape beds only, to full-service options that include irrigation startup and winterization, lawn health care program, tree and shrub pruning and health care program, soil testing yearly, mulching included in package, color display installation seasonally, cultivating, and much more, as simple or complex as your needs are, we have a program to match it!